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simonymous's Journal

Simonymous - For the Shy and Anonymous Simmer
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Simonymous - For the Shy and Anonymous Simmer
It has become increasingly clear how many shy lurking simmers are out there. This community is not just for those that post stories, or have trouble speaking to other simmers. This is simply a community for everyone to squee over the sims, anonymously or not.

You will never be ridiculed for what you say in this community, you may post anonymously or with an account if you wish. You may post stories or start conversations, trade tips, and cc, whatever you want as long as you are respectful.


1. Be respectful!
This community was created because the Sims community can be extremely harsh,
So please be nice, I do not want to ban anyone.

2. If you are going to post pictures-keep them smaller than 600x600
or under an ljcut.

3. The same goes for posts, if it is longer than a paragraph,
use an ljcut!